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The Kyd J Band

The Kyd J Band electrifies the stage with every performance playing local venues with a variety of sound including indie, pop, country, and rock, to please a copious audience. Loren Azzola, the creative engine, general manager, founder, singer, songwriter, and guitarist, started this family and friends band 13 years ago, planting the seed for what has grown into a poppy, jazzy, funky, energetic mix of local talent. Loren’s son and daughter, John Azzola and Shelby Hess, rock the house with playful lyrical fervor and pulsing energy. John, an exuberant musician and singer, displays unparalleled talent with lead vocals, harmonica, mandolin, and guitar. Singing sensation, Shelby, occupies center stage with her passionate and moving voice. Mendi Serpa is at her side contributing back-up and occasional lead vocals. Other members are Josh Day (drummer and vocals), David Dinger (bass guitar), Ron Clayson (piano), Kevin Day (lead guitar & songwriter), and Lexi Azzola (vocals). The intersection of each members’ reputable talents contributes to the vitality of The Kyd J Band’s good music; with, of course, the band’s sound team: Troy Clinkscales and James Lee. The expansive genre of this band’s song catalogue makes them a southern Idaho favorite, with flavor and flair to please any audience. The Kyd J Band is a dedicated band doing exactly as they were destined to do.


Country Music, Rock, Blues and anything else that sounds great! This is our CD release summer and we are having a great time sharing it with everyone!

From the Band

We enjoy playing to a FUN crowd! We love to mix it up with the different genres we do, as well as letting the crowd hear our originals.


Country, Rock, Pop, and Blues